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Photographs by LOIS GREENFIELD



Hover Space

Printz Dance Project

dance and movement

american arts

celtic music

asian music

latin music

Stacey Printz, Artistic Director. Set Design by Sean Riley, GravityDesign

“Hover Space is an ambition and a threat, a tender challenge of vertical space and conventional dance-making, a playground for engineers and a leap forward for enthusiasts of the moving body. Stacey Printz is making a work that literally and figuratively functions on multiple planes, harnessing her kinetic and architectural imagination with disciplined abandon. The result is an experiment in how artists can at once defy gravity, and also fall into the patterns and rabbit holed madness of the human heart.”          

Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts


  1. Dance Master Classes

  2. Engineering/Design presentations by Sean Riley, host of World's Toughest Fixes on the National Geographic Channel

Technical Notes

for venues with fly space or 4 rigging points (25 ft from stage floor, each with 2000 lbs lifting capacity)

The 16 x 12 foot floating stage, designed by expert rigger, Sean Riley, is built on site and operated by Company Technical Director during performance.