margie butler, paul espinoza  and kathy sierra

30th Anniversary Season!

Internationally-acclaimed trio,

Golden Bough performs an engaging pan-Celtic repertoire on instruments and voice, connecting to the audience with stories, song, and spirit.  These modern-day minstrels keep the presentation lively with an array of Celtic instruments including Celtic harp, accordion, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, octave-mandolin, recorder, bodhran, and pennywhistle, plus pristine three-part vocal harmony.

Journey through the Celtic Lands

Golden Bough takes the audience on a musical journey through the seven Celtic lands – not only Ireland and Scotland, but also Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, French Brittany, and Spanish Galicia. Concerts feature spirited vocal harmonies and instrumental numbers, performed by Margie Butler, Paul Espinoza, and Kathy Sierra on an array of acoustic instruments.

Discover the musical treasures of the Celts – from well-known reels and wistful ballads to the musical gems of the Celtic world’s perimeter.

America Bound

In America Bound, Golden Bough delights with another branch of Celtic music: music and song from America’s Irish and Scottish heritage. Songs of coming to and living in the New World plus melodies, originally Celtic, that became some of America’s favorite folk music.

Golden Bough sings America Bound.

Christmas in the Celtic Lands or Winter Songs Holiday Concert

Golden Bough brings holiday cheer! Golden Bough ushers in the season with well-loved songs of Christmastide from British and Celtic traditions – music from Ireland, Wales, and Cornwall, French Brittany, and Spanish Galicia plus favorites from other global holiday celebrations. A show guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit!

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Pan-Celtic Music and Song