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Deeply rooted in mountains that rise well above 10,000 feet, the traditional music from the Andes is both profoundly earthbound and joyously uplifting.

Chaskinakuy  Andean music masters Edmond Badoux, Francy Vidal, and

Daniel Zamalloa bring this music to life, performing the compelling melodies and infectious rhythms of high mountain celebrations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, northern Chile and Argentina.

Pronounced "Cha-ski-NOCK-wee", the name of the ensemble translates from the Quechua language as, "to give and receive, from hand to hand, among many.”

With their extraordinary collection of flutes and panpipes of bamboo, bone and feathers, goatskin drums, fiddle, harps, guitars, mandolins and more, Chaskinakuy musicians share the musical treasures of the Andean mountains with devoted listeners around the world.

Chaskinakuy performs as a trio or a duo.

Concerts Festival Programs Special Events 

Residency Activities

Educational programs in-theater and in-school for grades K-12. English and Spanish.  Extended residencies and panpipe workshops for Elementary school students.

music of the andes
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Chaskinakuy - Music of the Andes