The Americus Brass Band

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Golden Bough sings Travelin' Tunes

the Best of American Folk

Duo, Trio, or Ensemble of 4 - 6

and solo concerts by Gao Hong

Master musicians perform the beautiful, descriptive music from China’s provinces on an array of Chinese string, wind, and percussion instruments.

Principals Gao Hong on pipa and Chen Tao on Chinese flutes and wind instruments perform in a Duo, Trio, or in the full Spirit of Nature ensemble with up to 6 musicians.

Spirit of Nature Concert programs feature the best of Chinese classical, court, folk, minority, silk and bamboo, and contemporary music.

Gao Hong - Chinese pipa

China’s People’s Music wrote of Gao Hong that ...”her performance has extremely strong artistic appeal and belongs under the category of ‘fine wine’ ... The more you listen, the more beautiful it gets.”  Gao Hong, an Honors Graduate from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, has received numerous awards for performance and composition; she has performed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia as a soloist in concert, with symphonies and orchestras, and with her ensemble, Spirit of Nature.

Chen Tao

Chinese flutes and wind instruments

The New York Times called Chen Tao a “poet in music” and his playing, “a miracle of the oriental flute.” A former Associate Professor at the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, Chen Tao is a master of the dizi, xiao, xun, and other folk wind instruments such as the bawu, koudi, and chiba.


     •     Excellent Educational Programs

     •     Intro to Chinese Music presentation

     •     Master Classes

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