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¡Viva!        Celebrations

Celebrate Mexico’s celebrations with Calidanza!

Join the Party!

Calidanza’s show, ¡Viva! or Celebrations fills the stage with the vibrant celebrations that define the Mexican  culture - celebrations weaving through time, across regions, and around the calendar.

From national and regional holidays to family fiestas and dances at the local discoteca - 
Calidanza invites you to come to the party!

   Fandango Jarocho in Sotavento, Veracruz - year-round dance-music celebrations

    Día de la Candelaria - Candlemas day in Michoacán - February 2

    Carnaval - Carnival in Sinaloa – February-March

    Cinco de Mayo in Puebla and the U.S. – May 5

    Día de las Madres – Mother’s Day -  May 10 (Mexico), 2nd Sunday in May (U.S.)

    La Guelaguetza - Festival of Sharing in Oaxaca - last two Mondays of July

    Danza del Venado - Yaqui Indian dance of the life of a deer

    Mexico Moderno: Dance in the Discoteca – for any special occasion

    Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead in Michoacán - November 1 – 2

    Fiesta en Jalisco: Navidad – Christmas holiday in Jalisco – December


Live music option.

Superb educational and outreach activities, tailored for your community. 
Promotional media in English and Spanish.

Also touring: Navidades - a Christmas holiday celebration.     Programs subject to change.

Steven Valencia, Artistic Director